There's no doubt that the 2016 Presidential Election has people all fired up for their candidate. That's a good thing, but is a differing opinion worth losing a friendship over?

It's prevalent mostly on social media. You've seen the Facebook and Twitter posts. They go something like "If you're voting for so-and-so, then I'm unfriending you because you're a f------- idiot!"

To be fair, not all posts are that rude and a social media friend may not be the same as a true friend you've been close to for years, but I've seen some people who have threatened to unfriend beyond social media.

This is a fake Facebook post

Many view it like a simple math problem. You support (insert candidate) therefore you support (insert hot political topic). Or (insert candidate) is a (racist, criminal, homophobe, misogynist, etc.) therefore since you're voting for (insert candidate) you think there's nothing wrong with that. Is it really that simple? I don't think so.

To me, severing a friendship because someone has political views different than yours, is like doing the same because they aren't the same religion as you.

This is a fake Tweet

We all want what's best for our country, and since its founding over 200 years ago, every election has been based on different opinions. That's why we have an election in the first place. You're friend is supporting the candidate you think is going to bring this country to its knees? Stop for a second and count all the things you love about that person, their political choices aside. Now ask yourself, do I really throw this all away because we disagree over this?

I hope you said no, and you make your voice heard where it will make the most difference. Get out and vote on election day, and when it's over, let's all go get a beer and play a game of cornhole. Whoever's candidate wins is buying.