I don’t want to be the one to say it but it’s starting to get pretty cold here in Maine. The afternoons brag a solid 50-60 degree day but the mornings are already starting to frost up my car.

Each day, I adorn more layers and brace myself for the inevitable winter that’s about to set in.

Living in Portland in the summer, I look forward to water views and outdoor seating, a cocktail on the deck, and a lobster roll on the pier. We are blessed to live in an absolutely stunning state year-round, so come winter, I’m equally as excited for a cozy corner with a nice Old Fashioned in hand.

Winter Restaurants in Maine

An IPA on the ski slopes, dessert by the fire, and Christmas lights hung in the restaurants are what I am now looking forward to as the days get shorter. While I don’t love being cold, I can’t deny the lovely feeling of shedding off your layers as you walk into a warm and cozy environment, snuggling up with a good friend, and sharing a meal in an intimate and beautiful setting.

While on the topic, is it just me or is there nothing more cozy and homey than exposed brick? What’s up with that?

Well, that seems to be a common trend in some of Portland’s most cozy restaurants. Since we’re no longer dining on the patios by the water, it’s time for us to scope out the restaurants that are the most warm and welcoming for a spiked cider and bowl of soup in the wintertime.

These are the places in Maine you go for the food but stay for the ambiance:

30 Cozy Restaurants in Portland, Maine, to Hunker Down in the Cold

'Tis the season to sit next to a fire with a seasonal cocktail and a warm meal. This is a list of cozy restaurants to get comfortable in hidden away from the cold.

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In Maine, it's not hard to find businesses, restaurants, and shops with great customer service. It could be we are that way because of the many tourists that visit us. Or it just might be our stubborn Yankee roots that we like to treat people the way we want to be treated.

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