We're in the age of craft beers, fusion small plates, and tattoos. Whether you like your ink sketched, full color, retro, or geometric, animals, plants, foods or phrases, cute and small or strong statement, here are 10 badass tattoo artists and parlors you should follow on social media (and if you're like me, dream of going to someday!)

1) @chadchasevenom of Sanford, Maine starts us off with hyper realistic portraits featuring state of the art shading skills.

2) @wickedgoodink in Portland creates stunning black and white florals that cover whole bodies!

3) @tygr_tattoo of Broken Crow Collective in Portland employs a more classic style, full of color and combined objects with meaning.

4) @templeofbeasts of Wicked Good Ink paints animal portraits like oil on canvas. How is this cat made from needles poking ink into skin?!

5) @cindibonet of the North Coast Tattoo Company in Scarborough draws shockingly realistic feathers and leaves, using a more modern style and geometric designs.

6) @marky2dix of Broken Crow Collective inks full color portraits with a morbid sense of humor... always entertaining.

7) @corintattoos, also of North Coast Tattoo describes her work as "cute and bold overload" is in her profile, and there's not a more accurate way of capturing it. 

8) @sethrotattoo in Rockland's artwork features elaborate portraits and animal murals that stare right into your soul.

9) @hallowedgroundbodyartstudio in Portland does a lot of cute Maine-themed tats, all with bold lines and gorgeous color, in a classic style.

10) Last but not least, @8leggedcreations' work is Incredibly varied, with themes from skulls and crossbones to flora and fauna. Many of them feature unique subtle highlights of white that punch the artwork off your arm.


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