We bent the rules of the 60 Second Office Party because you only turn 100 once.


Molly from The Woods at Canco contacted us back in June to tell us about Nancy. Coming up in August, Nancy was going to turn 100. Molly was wondering, if we might help her celebrate.

You see Molly knows the Q Morning Show and our celebrations, because back in March, we held a 60 Second St. Patrick's Day party for some of the guests at The Woods at Canco. Well...they loved it. They loved it so much, they asked if we could (just this once) extend our usual celebration of just one minute into 100 seconds for Nancy. How could we say no?


They packed the dining room to make sure that all of Nancy's friends were there. We brought music, necklaces and confetti cannons (it's not a party without the confetti cannons!)

And yes...we also knew that purple is Nancy's favorite color.

Molly has said that Nancy loved it. In fact, of the 100 birthdays she's had...she says this was the most memorable.

Happy birthday Nancy. Thank you for letting us be a part of it for a whole 100 seconds.


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