For five days, during the cold snap and blizzard in Bryant Pond - Sophie was missing. It's truly a miracle she's alive...


The poor thing was poking her head out of a snow bank that she was buried in.

She came out with Albert Silver and his family while he plowed and shoveled snow in Bryant Pond. Then wasn't seen. They called animal control and neighbors, but no one had seen poor Sophie Thursday, January 4th.

They thought as day five approached that they had lost her for good. And then they saw her head poking through the snow, in an area they had already searched. It took some plowing to get her out - but she is fine.

The vet said she lost about five pounds, but had no frostbite or injuries! She was able to come home to a great party...


The whole family was so grateful to the friends and even strangers who looked for Sophie, who is back home...warm and loved her cake.





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