We've been following Nat for a couple of years. He is a 'cognitive entertainer'. What's that? Wait until you see what he can do!


We met Nat when he was just 16 years old and found time in his schedule (school!) to come to the studio as a 'mentalist'. He blew us out of the water!

He has now graduated and is off to college at the University of Texas Austin to major in linguistics. But first he stopped in the studio to tell us about his year in Argentina and how he moved from a mentalist to a cognitive entertainer. Here's what a 'cognitive entertainer' does...


We wanted Nat to do something for us! Kylie gets super freaked out by Nat (I love that!) and he asked her to think of a song that has been played on the Q in the last couple of years.

Then, write the song name on a piece of paper, fold it and hide it.

Then he took her pulse and asked her a few questions:

Nat: Is this a new song?

Kylie: Yes.

Nat: Would you think of dancing when you hear this song?

Kylie: No..not really.

Nat: You like this song..is it a favorite of yours?

Kylie: Yes!


Then he paused...and said, that he was just going to go for it.

Nat: Is it Sam Hunt?

Lori and Kylie: (screaming like little freaked out girls) YES!!!

Nat: Is it 'Body Like a Back Road'?

Lori and Kylie: (more freaking out)


This kid is so composed. So smart. And simply entertaining as hell. And again, in case you forgot, he's 18.

I appreciate the fact that he stays in touch. I love this guy and can't wait to see his career take off! I will be the first in line to buy a ticket to any show he has!



SIDENOTE:   I told Nat off air that he could win 'America's Got Talent'. He told me he doesn't like AGT because they would own him. That he's worked years on his brand and he doesn't want anyone else in control of his career. Plus he said,

A quick rise usually means a quick fall and I want to do this for a long time...

Damn. This I love this guy!


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