This log cabin on 173 acres with a mile of Saco River footage, is going to auction next month. Want it?


I love the story of how and why this was built. Sean Donlon and his wife were in Boston and wanted to get out of the city back in 2004. They looked at all 50 states and settled on Brownfield, Maine.

He hand built this place and didn't even use a chain saw. That's right. And no chemicals either. The cedar is raw and smells like you are walking into a cedar closet!

It took 26 months to build the 6,000 square foot log cabin and the crew lived in tents and an RV during that process.

Sean said that the family really wanted to leave the city. Even their 14-year-old daughter. Although they had to promise her a horse. Oh, did  I mention there is a barn also?

It's got four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two garages and that barn. It also has two private sand beaches and a mile of Saco River frontage. They have had a great time there, but the kids are grown and it's just too much for the couple. They tried to sell 283 Wakefield Road for $2.7 million, but had no takers. So it's headed for an auction. A fancy super upscale auction house. According to the Press Herald,

...calls themselves “the world’s finest properties selling to the highest bidders.” Think French castles and Connecticut estates.


Ahhhh, just what I'm in the market for.


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