Hey 2020! Haven't we been through enough already? Why do you feel the need to go out with a bang and ruin Christmas like this?

December 2020 weather has given us a Nor'easter that knocked out power to over 100,000 homes, a storm that dropped over two feet of snow over a good chunk of the state and now as we get ready to say goodbye to 2020 in hopes of a much better 2021, this forecast comes at us.

Your white Christmas has the potential to be washed away as a storm comes to Maine with heavy rain and wind. That's right. Not snow. Rain and lots of it according to The National Weather Service. And it all goes down on Christmas Day.

Forget about the possibility of rain and warm temps reducing all that snow we have on the ground on the one day of the year that most people want snow. The wind gusts are the big downer here, literally.

With wind gusts predicted to be anywhere from 30 to 55 miles per hour, trees and limbs are in danger of coming down which in turn means a potential for more power outages after only two weeks since many of us lost if for the better part of a day or more.

Batten down the hatches and settle in on Christmas Day. I'd even recommend a spiked eggnog or three as we get ready to bid 2020 good riddance. 2021 has to be better, right?

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