Spring is supposed to be this alluring feeling where we finally see more sun than clouds, and the cherry blossom trees are supposed to bring the streets a little bit more color. But as we all know, we can only expect sun every other week living in Maine (and maybe a blizzard in between). Overall, I shouldn't be surprised by what I'm about to say, but for some reason, every year I continue to frustrate myself with these three reoccuring things.

1. Construction traffic
Springtime in Portland is apparently the number one time to shut down every street in the city and replace it with oversized orange cones and detour signs. We are now entering the time of year where if you have to travel one mile to work through the city, you need to plan to travel 30 minutes instead.

2. Trash on the streets
It's that time of year where all the snow melts and reveals what's been trapped underneath for the season. Every ounce of me wants to go around start helping the city to clean it up, but it seems it just ends up right back on the street until around summertime. Am I the only one that notices this?

3. The fishy bait smell from the wharf
Although I know this is a part of living on the ocean, it doesn't make it any less nauseating on the hotter days where the smell seeps into all your windows. Do I love living in a city surrounded by the ocean? Absolutely. Do I love the beginning of the summertime when the bait thaws out and comes in through my AC? Not so much. And I know I'm not alone on this one. However, I love my seafood distributors and lobstermen. They make Portland, Portland.

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