We all know how annoying ticks can be and we shouldn't feel bad about killing them. They certainly do not feel bad for sucking your blood, annoying your pets, and putting you at risk of getting Lyme disease. We have to deal with ticks yearly, and I know I don't feel bad for killing one when I see one.

The possibility of dealing with ticks makes us question if we should play in tall grass, walk in the woods, and even roll around with our pets. There are plenty of ways to get end the life of a tick (or multiple when needed). Although some of these may sound right out of a horror movie, here are some of my favorite ways in which you can put an end to a tick.

Suffocating Them

Honestly, suffocating a tick is probably the safest way to kill a tick. Granted you're the one killing the tick, your hands will be clean. Not to mention you can hold on to the tick if you or someone you know starts to show symptoms of Lyme disease. You may be wondering how do you want me to suffocate this thing? Well, it's actually pretty easy. All you need to do is drop it in an airtight jar (or even a sealed bag). Anything that will cut off the tick's oxygen supply will honestly suffice.

Burn Them 

Even though we see ticks when it's warmer and nice outside, heat will kill a tick. There are a couple of ways that you can do this. You can burn them by using a lighter (which will cause them to pop) or you can throw them in your washing machine. The heat from your washer will in fact end the life of a tick.

Beheading Them

Yes, this may seem a bit harsh but it is a great way to end the life of a tick trying to take your blood. I guess you can say it's like an eye for an eye, blood for blood. Beheading a tick is one great way to kill a tick that is feeding off you. You don't need much for this, just some dental floss or a long thin piece of thread. While the tick is feasting, loop it around the tick’s mouthparts getting it as close to your skin as possible. Once you have a good hold on it, tug your sting (or floss) upwards with a slow, steady pressure. When the tick is removed from your skin, decapitate it by tightening your grip on either end of the thread.

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