I love House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. I think it's one of the most brilliant shows on television. That brilliance is not only in the show itself but in the way it is delivered and that throws everything about the way we watch TV out the door. What do I do about this?

Here's the root of my problem. With a traditional television season, you watch a new episode every week for a while starting in September. The show is off for a few weeks, comes back for a couple more episodes, is off again, and then barrels ahead to a season finale in May. Netflix doesn't play that game. They say, "Bam! Here's 16 episodes. Knock yourself out." I love that and yet hate it at the same time.

It's led to a new term in the television landscape called "binge watching." It's just like the name suggests. You lock your door, turn off your phone, grab all the snacks and food you'll need for the next 13 hours and sit down to watch every single episode of the new season.

I sooo want to do this! Here are four reasons I can't.

1. I Have a Significant Other

If you have a significant other who enjoys the same show as you do, like House of Cards, you're at the mercy of their schedule and your schedule matching up. They aren't home from work yet? Don't you dare watch an episode! Then you risk them falling behind and you potentially spoiling the show. Although this also acts in reverse when you can't watch because of your significant other and someone at work or a friend spoils the show for you.

2. I Have a Child

If you're a parent you understand. House of Cards is not appropriate for kids. So I have to watch when he goes to bed. How am I going to watch 13 episodes before he wakes up? Impossible. Even if it was appropriate for kids, good luck when they want to watch Lego Ninjago for the 85th time.

3. I Have a Job

I get up at 4AM work a good chunk of the day and am in bed by 9PM. Enough said.

4. I'm Worried I'll Spoil It For Someone

In the days when everyone watches a popular show at different times you do NOT want to be the spoiler. After seeing Jennifer Lawrence get spoiled on 'Homeland' by Access Hollywood reporter I've decided I can't live with that burden. Binging too soon means I could accidentally be "that guy."

So I have to be satisfied with only having seen two episodes so far of season 2 of 'House Of Cards'. If you're a fan and are ahead of me I'll just say this about the show: I did NOT see that coming.

If you aren't watching this, do it! It's an amazing show and will make you wonder if our politicians are really that slimy....or worse.

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