5 Most Breathtaking Fairytale Places in Maine

Waterfalls, stone castles, scenic hikes, and magical forests... 2016 had it all. We've covered Maine's best of breathtaking locations straight out of a storybook in 2016 and since we're nearing a new year of adventures, it's time to look back over the magical attractions and locations we discovered this year.

5. The Treehouse Restaurant in Portland is Something Out of a Fairytale

Whimsical, beautiful, magical. Those are three of the words used to describe a small eatery in Portland’s Deering Center neighborhood. The Treehouse is a hidden gem along Stevens Avenue that delivers delicious meals with unmatched atmosphere among the trees.

4. Start Your Outdoor Adventures at this Gorgeous Maine Hike

If you’re looking for an easy-ish hike with beautiful scenery, Beech Cliff in Acadia National Park is for you.

3. This Maine Swimming Hole is Perfect for a Thrilling Cliff Jump

If your friends dared you to jump off a cliff, would you? If you were swimming at Frenchman’s Hole near Sunday River, you’d be one of many people taking the plunge.

2. This Magical Forest in Central Maine is Straight Out of a Story Book

The hiking trails at Vaughan Woods are some of the most whimsical paths in Maine. The rolling green fields and historical estate welcome you to the woods. An easy hike along well beaten paths leads you to gorgeous stone arch bridges over bubbling streams.

1. 4 Water Falls in Maine That Will Take Your Breath Away

Maine has many waterfalls across the state. Some are short trips, others are for the more experienced hiker, and some you can swim under for the most incredible summer cool-off spot. Here are some of our favorites.