Just when we were beginning to thaw, the meteorologists we all know and love (hey, don't shoot the messenger) break news that Maine faces another stretch of biting cold.

In the spirit of optimism, and being tired of bundling up completely just to run my dog outside, I decided to look on the bright side of living in a place that sometimes hurts your face.

1. Simply walking anywhere is exercise

You will either be speed walking to get out of the cold faster, actively engaging all of your leg muscles to avoid slipping on ice, or scrunching up your shoulders and tensing your entire upper body against the cold. Perhaps all three. Suffice it to say, you can skip the gym in January. Walking in single digits works enough muscles to let you off the hook.

2. You will actually spend time doing your hair

My go-to hairdo is a wet bun on top of my head, but I can't do that when it will freeze solid upon exiting my apartment. This cold snap is a blessing in disguise encouraging me to put a little extra effort into actually drying and styling my hair. It's also the only way to look presentable, since flashy clothes are out of the question (see: #3).

3. You can skip the nice outfit

Take it from someone who loathes having to pick out clothes for the next day: revel in this one. No one is going to be critiquing your dressy outfit unless you indeed *wear* a dressy outfit. Everyone is expecting you to show up in boots and multiple sweater layers, and possibly a hat indoors. It's the Mainer way.


4. Freezer space galore!

You know how you always run out of ice when you have people over? Worry not, in weather like this. You can cool beer or make ice in no time, and save freezer space to boot, by putting it all outside! Just be sure to check on any carbonated beverages before they explode...

5. Stay inside and DIY

As a lover of projects in the home and a hater of cabin fever, I can only spend so much time napping and watching TV before I get a little stir crazy. At this point, I like to channel my energy into catching up on some deep cleaning, finishing that home improvement project I started last spring, or coming up with fun new ideas for DIY projects to start! Now, venturing out in the cold to pick up the materials I need for said idea? Let's not think about that just yet...


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