Winter in Maine. Yup. Yessir. Ayuh.

It's just one of the seasons that the Pine Tree State has to offer, and boy does it offer it in full force.

And sure, for those that just visit on the occasion, you know, those tourists from away, it's a surprise they stick around for as long as they do.

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Because winter is no joke in Maine. In fact, it's pretty synonymous with the state to the point where you immediately think of the snow. Some people probably think it only snows here.

And sure, there's probably plenty of people out there that whine there's too much snow or it's too cold, or any number of little complaints to toss out there. We get it.

But we've got a list of five reasons why you should definitely never live in Maine during the winter. No doubt by the end, you'll be thinking, "Wow. Mainers have it so tough. How do they do it every winter? Or better yet, every day?

See for yourself and let us know if it'd be too much for you to handle.

5 Reasons You Should Definitely Never Live in Maine During the Winter

Thinking about living in Maine during the winter? Well, you've been warned...

Think you could handle all of those things? A place that just looks so incredible all the time? Too many ski opportunities? The copious amount of great drinks to choose from? What about all the holiday fun that's just nonstop?

Exhausting, right?

Then again, maybe you've got what it takes to truly take on Maine. Maybe. It's your move.

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