We all do it. Things go to waste around the house. Food is a big one but there are other household items that we never actually use all of. Here are five of mine.

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter


It takes some special magic to use every little bit of peanut butter in a jar. When my knife finally hits the bottom, I know I'm done. I'd much rather bring out a big dollop of peanut butter on my knife than scrape the sides for five minutes to get the same amount. In the trash it goes.

2. Potato Chips

Chips Crumbs


Full size chip or we're done. If it's just crumbs at the bottom I don't want to be a savage and tip the bag into my mouth to try to get every last bit. You do that? Animal!


3. Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper


No one and I mean NO ONE would attempt to use one and a half sheets of toilet paper. I grab a new roll.


4. Bread Heels

Bread heel


Some people like the ends of a loaf of bread. When I buy a fresh loaf, the first slice goes right in the trash. You can't make a sandwich with two totally different pieces of bread. Too much crust! A if you get to the end and there's one regular slice and the other heel, they both go in the trash.


5. Toothpaste


You have to know your physical limits. You can spend hours trying to get all the toothpaste out of the tube but the strongest man in the world couldn't squeeze what's left in there out and we all know there's at least enough for three more brushes in there.

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