Aahh February in Maine. 'Tis the season for snow one day, sunscreen the next. In order to make the most of these times when we experience three seasons in a week, try employing these strategies. And as always, recycle (because, you, know, climate change is obviously real.)

1) Never Stash Your Seasonal Wardrobe

Gone are the days of the old closet switcheroo. When every conversation starts with, "huh, so crazy the weather we're having, right? Like, what month is it?!" you know it's time for change. In this new era, flip flops live alongside snow boots and your "winter sweater box" is infiltrated by tank tops and t-shirts.

2) Layer, Layer, Layer.

Our wardrobe redesign takes care of our outfit planning day in and day out, but what about when the forecast boasts a 40 degree difference between Tuesday's low and high? The only way to get through a single day of temperature chaos is to layer the eff out your ensemble. Tank top, tshirt, sweatshirt, jacket. optional hat, scarf, and mittens. I've been known to march to work in rain boots and change into loafers upon arrival, only to jaunt home in the same loafers that could not have handled the weather 6 hours earlier.

3) Focus On Versatile Food & Drink

You may want hot coffee and fried chicken today, but tomorrow? Hot food will the farthest from your cravings. My solution in these bipolar times is to surround myself with food that can be enjoyed on a hot summer day or in the dead of winter. Toss your pot of coffee in the freezer for a refreshing coffee slushie tomorrow afternoon, and throw that leftover fried chicken in the fridge to top a yummy salad for lunch. If you only consume foods that can be enjoyed on hot OR cold days, you'll never be left frowning at your inappropriately paired meal or saying, "milk was a bad choice."

4) Plan for No Plans

How is one to know whether this Saturday will be ideal for picnicking in the park or hitting the slopes? The only way to ensure you make the most of you weekend is to wait to commit to anything that is remotely weather dependent. And if you must make a plan, always have bar hopping or going to the movies as a weather backfire plan B.

5) When All Else Fails, Hibernate

Look: there's nothing wrong with napping. Wether it's a relaxing siesta in a backyard hammock, or a polar bear snuggle in a nest of blankets, humans are built for midday shut eye. The best part is that whether you plan to revel in it or use it as an escape from the craziness that is happening in our environment, naps are there to comfort us in our most uncertain times. And who knows, maybe when you wake up the season of the day will have passed and the weather will be right back to what you were expecting (whatever that was).


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