In this era of HGTV goodness, who hasn't become more than a little obsessed with fantasizing about renovating and furnishing our own run-down house someday? I know I think about it constantly, and find myself cruising fixer uppers on real estate websites and saving posts with cool furnishings even though I know they'll be long gone by the time I could actually pull my life together and buy a house someday. Still, it doesn't hurt to get a feel for what's out there, right? I've discovered Maine Craigslist has a wealth of quirky cool Joanna Gaines-worthy finds. Take a look at these one-of-a-kind gems. Can't you just imagine them wiped down and dusted off, with a shiplap background?!

This Antique 'Zero' Fan ($30)


With this retro fan, you'd be cooler than you've ever been in your life.

This Hand-Crafted Barn Ladder ($275)


It doesn't matter where it leads; just climbing there would be an adventure in itself. And think of how many towels it could decoratively store!

This Wise Old Typewriter ($70)


The better to type out vintage love notes with, my dear.

This Vintage Railroad Lantern ($80)

Whether it's holding it out the back door to see what that sound was, or perching it beside some old books on some built-ins, this lantern is sure to literally and metaphorically light up your life.

This Old Metal Sign ($75)

Because what's better than some false advertising in your living room?

A Needs-Work Claw-foot Bathtub ($75!)

This may look a bit rough on the edges, but I can just hear some HGTV goddess saying, "gimme some polish and paint and we'll have this back to its former glory in no time."

Classic Wooden Sleds ($75)

With these perched in the corner, you'll have the best part of winter with you all year round!