As you know, most people in the country have early voted, but still, few of us are going to the polls tomorrow, and those lines will be long. That's why I've come up with a guide of handy things to do to keep yourself ready to exercise your voice and your right to determine how our lives will be for at least the next four years. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, Kwame's guide to going to the voting polls. 

  1. Please pack a lunch or snack, depending on where you live; this could take a few hours, do not let your body and it's need for food take you out of line.  
  2. Dress warmly; I know Mainers love to wear shorts but let's not catch a cold or pneumonia. 
  3. Make sure that you know where your voting. You don't want to be waiting in line to find out that you have to go somewhere else and wait in another line.  
  4. Social Distancing, Covid is real. 
  5. Call your friends and make sure if they have not voted, to do so. 
  6. Make sure you are clear in your choice. You don't want any regrets. 
  7. Follow the instructions at the location; it will make things easier for everyone. 

I don't really care who you're voting for, being honest because that's your horse in the race, not mine. That being said, tomorrow will probably be nuts as this will be one of the biggest election years in recent history. Remember to be civil to each other. Remember who your parents raised you to be, and let your voice be heard. Thank you. 


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