It's fun to dream, especially when it comes to what you would do if you were called up one day and told you just won $10,000. That's exactly what could happen to you with The Q Morning Show's Spring Ka-Ching where you could really win up to $10,000.

Starting April 5, you can win $1,000 cash or a grand prize of $10,000 with the Q Morning Show Spring Ka-Ching and all you need is the Q97.9 app.

I of course am not eligible to win, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about what I would do if someone handed me a check for $10,000. So I came up with 8 things I would do with that cash that range from being a responsible adult with my new found money, or saying screw it and blow it all having some fun!

8 Things Jeff Would Do With $10,000


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