We love the guys at Funky Bow Brewery in Lyman. Father and son team Paul and Abraham Lorrain are not only hilarious, but they've created something special on the farm. It's pure Maine, with good music, good food and great home brewed beer.

It's not uncommon for places that have as much live music as Funky Bow does to charge a cover charge at the door. Funky Bow's is a meager $3. It's meager to most people, but not a couple who visited Funky Bow recently. The boys posted on their Facebook page the outrage a couple had over the $3 cover charge.

We had a couple show up at the brewery today and was outraged that we have a 3.00 cover charge that's helps with the band - I told them that if I didn't do the 3.00 cover that the beer would have to be 9.00 instead of 6.00- in order for me to be here next year this is what I need to do! Sorry! And thank you to all our loyal customers!!


Now that's ridiculous. Luckily, Funky Bow's loyal customers came to their defense because they realize a $3 cover to get $6 beer's and great live music is a good deal.

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