Because of what I do for a living, I have a lot of friends on Facebook I don't know personally. That's not often a problem until I accept someone who looks legit and turns out to be a scam account. Recently, a person behind a scam account messaged me and I played right along. 

The conversation is below but I have blurred out the Facebook account and name from which I was contacted. Odds are this is someone's legitimate account that has been hacked through some type of phishing method and I don't want the real person who the account belongs to suffer any more embarrassment.

Then he immediately blocked me before I could. Ah well.

Anyone's account could be taken over like this if they don't take the steps to protect themselves. Below is a link to some tips that will help you make sure it doesn't happen to you. And no, Mark Zuckerberg is not giving out cash to random Facebook users. Don't I wish.