A had a cookout at camp with friends this weekend and one of the things I cooked up was corn on the cob. That's when my friend Theresa said she has a trick she does that she had to show us.

Theresa has what I would consider a talent, but not one I would want to have. She eats her corn one row at a time, unlike most of us who take a bite over several rows. She pulls each piece of corn out one at a time with her front teeth. It takes time, but it very efficient, not leaving one bit of corn left on the cob.

Corn on The Cob

By pulling out each kernel, she gets nothing stuck in her teeth and ever possible bit of corn off the cob. Me? I don't have time for that.

How do you eat your corn on the cob? Do you eat foods in strange ways that get you strange looks? Let us know in the comments below of on Facebook and Twitter.

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