You may remember Connor from his recent visit to the show, or if you're a long-time listener, from his unofficial internship with Jeff and Lori years ago. Since leaving Maine and heading off to college, Connor has stayed true to his childhood dream of getting involved in show biz and had interned on the Today Show and Ellen. This summer, he's in New York City interning at Billboard magazine. Needless to say, it's not a shock to see Connor's instagram feed filled with celebrity selfies. His most recent one, though, has us shaking our heads and muttering, "Classic Connor."

The post features Connor's smiling face next to Christina Aguilera, who at first glance looks unrecognizable in her oversized sunglasses and casual tee. How Connor recognized her to start with is impressive, but the story that accompanies the selfie is even better.

The caption reads,

There's a story to this. Got a $2 piece of cake at the store and went to the park by the Hudson River to eat it and listen to music. This little girl comes up to me and I take off my headphones and say hi. The mother sitting next to me said "oh sorry" and I look over and the mother is Christina Aguilera, alongside her husband. I started to get up and told her I wanted to give her space, and she told me to sit back down. I told her no one would believe I sat with her at the park, and we got this. Turns out we live not far from each other. Thanks for a memorable park visit @xtina!!!!

If it were me, I would have failed to recognize her let alone offer to give them space, which takes the cake for the most gracious reaction to running into a celebrity unexpectedly. Moral of the story - keep your wits about you when you're at a park in NYC!

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