Someone ran the numbers from Google to find out what the favorite out-of-state NFL team is for every state in the country. Maine's is complete BS.

Custom Ink, the internet business that makes low-cost t-shirts, looked at Google data on searches for NFL teams for every state to determine what the favorite non-regional team is for each state. I say, "non-regional" instead of their use of "out-of-state" because last time I looked, Maine didn't have an NFL team. Wouldn't that be awesome though?

And before we take a look, let's just lay it out there. The very thought that people in Maine aren't Patriots fans is nearly criminal. Let's not even talk about Yankees fans in Maine.

That being said, Maine's favorite non-regional NFL team is...

Custom Ink

The New York Jets? What?

The same Jets that haven't even made the playoffs since 2010? The same Jets that have one Super Bowl win in Super Bowl III compared to New England's 5? Really?

They must have gotten the New York Jets confused with the New York Giants. It's still wrong, but at least that makes sense.


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