Since 1984, and little sandwich shop in Bath, conveniently named The Sandwich Shop, has been serving lunch to businesses in Bath, including the many workers at nearby Bath Iron Works. Since the construction started on the Bath viaduct began, local businesses have been having a hard time getting to the popular lunch spot. So The Sandwich Shop decided to come to them.

In a recent Facebook post, Jerry LaRochelle of the family owned The Sandwich Shop said they will temporarily offer delivery to area businesses.

That's how Mainers roll isn't it? The people of Bath have been good to this cherished neighborhood business and now they'll return the favor so that the many workers in the downtown Bath area won't miss out on their favorite lunch spot.

If you are in the area of The Sandwich Shop on Vine Street in Bath, you can call them at (207) 442-7858 and set up a delivery to your business.

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