This is Elaine Bourne's bike. She passed away from breast cancer before she got to ride it in the Tri for a Cure.


This is a tragic and touching story. Sarah Emerson, and amazing woman and cancer survivor had to sit out the Tri in 2017 as she was in the fight of her life against breast cancer. According to Maine Women Magazine's article by Katie Bingham-Smith, she held a sign that said 'I had chemo on Friday. You can do this!'

At a survivor's breakfast the next year that happens the day before the Maine Cancer Foundations's Tri for a Cure, Sarah met Elaine Bourne. Bourne had been training for the Tri after getting diagnosed 2 years earlier with an aggressive form of cancer. She bought a brand new bike.

But her cancer had reached Stage 4 and metastasized to her brain. She did a relay team that year and her bike partner didn't use the new Trek she bought.

Sarah Emerson


Elaine passed away shortly after that Tri for a Cure.

But her new Trek bike will be crossing the finish line thanks to Sarah and her partner of six years Ken Darby. While Ken grieved the loss of his love, he also had to do deal with the issue of what to do with Elaine's belongings...including her bike.

He thought of selling it and giving the money to the Maine Cancer Foundation, but that didn't seem personal enough. That's when he learned of Sarah's connection with Elaine and knew that she should get the bike to ride in her honor.

Sarah Emerson

This is Sarah and Ken on the day he gave her the bike.


There is no better human to ride Elaine's bike across the finish line. Sarah knows that Elaine's strength and determination will be with her as she rides the 15 mile portion of the triathlon.

Cancer is a bastard and steals too many good people. But it also shows us the strength of community, compassion and love. You go Sarah! Have an amazing tri and thank you for being the perfect person to ride Elaine's bike...