From the moment Aaron Carter tweeted that he was voting for Donald Trump, he was immediately the target for a backlash so big that it may have made the pop star reconsider his vote in November.

It all started when Aaron replied to one of the Apprentice star's tweets on Saturday morning (February 27). "@realDonaldTrump Does America want to have a president who FOLLOWS or someone who leads? I vote For @realdonaldtrump," Aaron tweeted.

Once he made it known, he was immediately bombarded with responses from haters, fans and fans-who-are-now-haters regarding his decision. But instead of letting the haters hate, he quickly responded.

"Just landed in San Diego connecting through Phoenix reading all these death threats and hate mail kinda crazy, these are POLITICAL VIEWS," he tweeted and added, "Back off of me people seriously none of you follow me I use NO HASH TAGS EVER expect my own and your trolling me I FIGHT BACK."

He made sure to explain that while he's putting his support in Donald, he doesn't necessarily agree with the candidate's entire platform. "So NO I don't support ALL of what @realDonaldTrump is doing but 70% of me agrees so F--- OFF," he wrote.

Aside from the fact he chose Donald Trump, many, including Perez Hilton, pointed out that Donald has plans to overturn same-sex marriage. Aaron explained that he doesn't think that Trump would do that. But if it is true, then Aaron may not vote for him.

Despite trying to diffuse the situation, Aaron continued to be bullied and thus defended himself. You can read his rant about it below.

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