In August on 2014 pastry chef Atsuko Fujimoto and Community Organizer Markos Miller set out to make great multi cultural eats that were accessible to all in a central location. They landed on Cumberland ave and opened up Ten Ten Pié.

They took the name from a Spanish slang word for “snack." And that's exactly what it was. A nice neighborhood bakery with morning pastries and other snacks to help you make it through the day.

They also had plenty of local Maine beers to choose from, as well as wines and desserts and there was always a friendly face to greet you and say hello.

This past Sunday we received the news on their Instagram page that Ten Ten Pié is closing their doors and going out of business.

There is no word on the actual last day that they will be open so I'm thinking they have already closed and are on to future endeavors.


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