Auburn's city motto may be Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum, or No Steps Backward, but right now we can't stop exploring photos of times gone by in the Auburn area. You may still recognize some of these buildings and spots around town, but the cars, signs, and people all transport us back more than 100 years to simpler days.

Goff Block in Late 1920s

From Getchell's Drug Store corner of Main and Court Streets, Auburn, ca. late 1920s


Philippe Dupont Bakery in 1914

From "The Dupont Bakery, located at 49 Second Street, in Auburn, was founded by Franco-American immigrant Philippe Dupont in 1893. It was known for its 'Sonny Boy' bread. In 1933, the New Auburn Fire destroyed the original bakery pictured here, which was replaced by a modern plant."


Seavey's Ice Cream on Minot Avenue in 1940


Auburn Theater on Court Street 1928


Tree on a Car in 1943

From "The description written on the photograph reports, "Mr. Adelard A. Roy stalled his car in his driveway at 6:20 a.m. Tuesday Nov. 23 (1943). This pole fell on the car about 10 minutes later. He took the bus to work that day."