Anna Kendrick came home to Portland over the Thanksgiving weekend for a book signing and showed up later on the streets of the Old Port.

We're guessing she timed a book singing for Scrappy Little Nobody at Books-a-Million in South Portland the day before Thanksgiving to coincide with a trip home to be with family for the holiday. Here she is with Connor Whittum, the guy from Portland who has gotten his picture with so many celebrities that we've lost count.

He started small though...


Anna posted a photo on her Instagram Saturday posing in front of Gelato Fiasco in the Old Port with a blueberry candy cane.

On the day after Thanksgiving, she posted a picture of herself walking on a trail in what might be the Fore River Sanctuary. 

It's nice to see her home. Anna....seriously....come see us next time you're in town. Please? You know the address.

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