There are two very distinct and very clear sides to the argument about iPhones and other smart devices at concerts. On one side, you have the classic concert-goer, who longs for the days of just experiencing the music and feel of the show without seeing 5,000 phones in the air. There is the other side though, where people have this amazing technology in their hand and want to use it to capture everything they're experiencing.

According to Vanyaland, Apple has been working on a new technology that would inhibit concert attendees from snapping endless photos or videos at live shows. Infra-red transmitters and receptors would come together and disable your phone from being able to ruin the person behind you's concert experience. Interesting.

The particulars sound quite tech-y, but fascinating nonetheless. This excerpt from Fact magazine explains:

"Most cameras are only capable of receiving visible light, but Apple’s patent would allow a camera with extra circuitry to receive data through the invisible infrared portion of the spectrum. The technology has multiple uses, but what this means for concert-goers is that infrared transmitters in a venue would send data that disables your camera as soon as you hold it up to take a photo or video."

Don't light your torches and grab your pitchforks yet however. Apple is just working on this technology with no current plans to implement it in new iterations of its iPhone.

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