The good news is, these guys are probably the least harmful of all the bugs who could be lurking in your house. The bad news is, they are CREEPY AF.

Transplants to Maine, silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) and their crawly cousins firebats (Thermobia domestica) can be found all over; you've probably come across them if you've been around a while.

Because of their reclusive, nocturnal lifestyle, Banger Daily News reports, Mainers can have whole populations of the bugs taking up residence in their homes and not even know it.

Often mistaken for cockroaches, silverfish and firebrats (neither of whose names I would think are referring to bugs) can be identified by their small, scaly, wingless bodies equipped with two long antennae and three tail-like appendages, according to the BDN. Silverfish are true to their name and an iridescent silvery color, while firebrats are typically a mottled gray-brown. Both bugs skitter away very fast when disturbed, lending their overall creep factor.

They don't fly, bite, sting, or carry diseases, which I gotta admit is a win for the little guys. But they do love moist, warm environments and are especially attracted to eating starchy, sweet substances (who isn't?) so you may come across them when you're breaking out your old encyclopedia collection. Be on the lookout!

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