Meitu is the latest app to go ridiculously viral. You too can be a kawaii know, my dream come true. This is just weird.

The Chinese app made its way to the West last week, even though it's been around for 9 years in China. It's a huge hit. 430 million have downloaded the app (430 million plus outside of China with 6 billion photos being 'kawaii-fied'.


Meitu has filters like Instagram that can mess with pictures, but it's the hand drawn feature that is super popular. Meitu means “beautiful picture” in Chinese. It turns you in an anime character with wider eyes and a slimmed up jaw.

Are you into this? I think I look super weird.

I mean half of that is because it IS still me...just all fancied up. Have you hopped on board the Meitu frenzy?


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