By now, you've probably heard all about the Auburn Walmart pole and the obsession Mainers have with it. It even recently spread to Boston. But just in case, here's the history of the Walmart pole in two sentences:

There's a pole in the parking lot of the Auburn Walmart. Drivers have been running into it causing massive damage to their cars for several years and no one really knows why they do it.

Libby Blanchette - Survivors of Walmart Yellow Pole
Libby Blanchette - Survivors of Walmart Yellow Pole

So now that you're caught up, that pole was recently upgraded to include a blinking stop sigh and two Jersey Barriers to prevent people from hitting it. But guess what...

Needless to say, Auburn Police have dealt with their fair share of accident reports at the Auburn Walmart thanks to this pole. It seems that not a month goes by without at least one inattentive driver suddenly racking up big bucks at the body shop. There's no way you can just buff that out.

So it's only fitting that Officers Steven Friedrich and Sean Dyer pose in front of the infamous Auburn Walmart pole with Officer Isaac LaBonte behind the camera. Their squad cars and blue lights are on to "demonstrate that it is possible to avoid the gravitational pull of the legendary Wal*Mart pole."

The gravitational pull must be it, right? If I were them, I wouldn't stand there too long or you're going to get hit. On the other hand, this setup could be the best way to prevent people from slamming into the pole.

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