It's not every day you get to party with the popo.

When none of her guests showed up to her originally planned birthday party, 8-year-old Larriah of Augusta had no choice but to cancel the get-together. Much to her surprise, the Augusta PD caught wind of the disappointing attendance and threw her a birthday party the next day.

Augusta Maine Police Department via facebook

Needless to say, Larriah was beyond thrilled (like I said, not a run-of-the-mill police 8-yr-old birthday party!) According to News Center Maine, her mom could see the excitment building on her face as she realized what was going on:

She was definitely surprised. I told her that there were a few people coming over, but she did not know who, and when the cars started pulling up you could see the excitement in her eyes. She started jumping up and down.
Augusta Maine Police Department via facebook

There was impressive attendance by officers, on- and off-duty, along with their families, who all partied it up with Larriah by bringing cards, cake, and even gift cards to Larriah's favorite store, 'Five Below', News Center Maine reported. Talk about a rain check!