This is so cool...literally! With temperatures in the 90's and "feels like" temperatures in the 100's, staying cool is the goal of every Mainer for the next few days. So that gave Waterville, Maine, Fire and Rescue and Waterville Parks and Recreation a brilliant idea.

The fire department regularly tests their fire pumps to ensure they are all in good working order. The last thing they want is to show up to an emergency to find that their pumps have failed.

With all this heat, they decided to hold a "Soak the Kids" event, letting kids get some relief from the heat and have a fun time all at once.

The event is June 19 from 3 to 4 p.m., and put on by the Waterville Fire Department and Waterville Parks and Recreation. The pumps will be tested at Head of Falls, and kids will have the chance to get soaked by the fire hose.

If you're going to bring the kids, make sure everyone (including parents) brings sunscreen and drinking water. The temperature at 3 p.m. in Waterville is predicted to hit 96 degrees, so you want to protect yourself from the sun and keep yourself hydrated. It will be hot!

This kind of thing makes me wish I was a kid again. When it got hot, I had a "Fun Fountain" to cool off with. The clown wasn't all that great at cooling you off, so it was only fun for about 10 minutes. It was more fun to pick up the clown's head and aim it at my mom instead.

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