If you haven't already heard, the Bed Bath & Beyond store at the Auburn Plaza on Center Street has closed, but there are four other locations in Maine that still remain open.

According to USA Today, 200 Bed Bath & Beyond stores are closing between now and 2022 and the Auburn store was one of them. But if you are jonesin for bedding and towels, there are four other locations in Maine if you're willing to take the drive:

  • Running Hill Rd, South Portland
  • Cooks Corner Mall, Brunswick
  • Turnpike Mall, Augusta
  • Bangor Mall, Bangor

So yeah, these locations may not be the most convenient, but you've probably driven further for this you really wanted or needed.

I did so some measurements on Google Maps to help you decide where the closest one is to you. The Augusta location is a 40 minute drive via Route 202 or The Maine Turnpike. The Brunswick Bed Bath & Beyond is a 41 minute drive from the former Auburn Location via Route 136 or 196. The South Portland location is 45 minutes via The Maine Turnpike.

So the good news is that there are three other locations out of the four in Maine that are a 45 minute drive or less from the former Auburn Bed Bath & Beyond.


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