Whenever you think of President Joe Biden's inauguration, you will always think of Bernie Sanders and those mittens - and now a South Portland teacher.


The Bangor Daily News reported that those famous mittens have a connection to Maine. Jen Ellis from Vermont, who made the mittens, 100% credits her middle school home economics teacher Jeanette Collett in South Portland. That's where she learned how to sew.

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Collett has since retired, but like all teachers, she's grateful Jen took the time to remember her.

Collett was especially proud of Jen for using old sweaters to make the mittens. In fact, the whole mitten is made of recycled material. These days there are so many negatives, she's grateful this was such a positve.

And yes, the retired South Portland home ec teacher has a pair of mittens for herself. She says that she will cherish them forever.

If you've been inspired by one of your teachers, it might be a nice thing to reach out and say thanks. If this past year has taught us anything, it's that teachers are such an important part of kids lives. They are all doing what they can to make remote learning just as special as in class. If you can, reach out and thank a teacher today. Maybe you'll be at the next inauguration.



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