Tourist season is real in Maine, no matter what part of the state you're talking about.

It's something locals have gotten used to for decades and is really just a way of life. Every year between Memorial Day Weekend through shortly after Labor Day Weekend, it's almost a bit of a takeover, where locals become the minority and tourists become the majority. Which is tough to hate, really, considering it's a big boost for local businesses.

Google Maps / Getty Images
Google Maps / Getty Images

But that aside, how many times do we scroll through local Maine groups on Facebook and see recommendations from tourists who are either on their way or have already arrived here to Vacationland, looking for the hotspots they have to hit during their short stay?

And it makes sense when you really think about it, because there's something for everyone in Maine -- beautiful foliage in the fall, delicious lobstahs and chowdah in the summer; trails, oceans, lighthouses, mountains, a freakin' National Park -- we literally have EVERYTHING.

Why wouldn't tourists reach out and try to make sure they hit the must-see spots with the limited amount of time they're here for (which, is ironic, since stereotypically, a lot of locals take these sights and areas for granted and don't visit nearly as much as we should.)

So here it is -- a Maine-made list for tourists on the cities, towns, and areas that you have to make sure you cross off your bucket list during your stay.

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