If you have lived in Maine at any time over the last three decades or so, you know the name Big Al. Some have likened him to the Jolly John of discount stores in Maine. A bigger-than-life personality who stars in his own television commercials to make "Big Al" a household name. He's the man who puts the emphasis on "Route" when giving out the address of his Super Values store, but pronounces it "Rowt" unlike "Root" like we do, letting us know he's probably not from Maine originally. That may be, but he sure is a big part of Maine.

Now, after 35 years, Big Al has announced that he will be closing Big Al's Super Values after 35 years as a landmark on Route 1.

"Big Al" Cohen told CBS 13 that the reason he decided to close down his well-known Super Values store was due to the pandemic. Sales were down as more and more people shopped online and he lost eight employees who he says realized they could make twice as much on unemployment.

Big Al is 70-years-old and says he's had a good run. There's no doubt about that. The good news is that he's debt-free and will keep his fireworks store that he opened 9 years ago when it became legal to sell them in Maine. The bad news a little piece of the fabric of Maine that makes it unique is being ripped away.

Thanks for everything Big Al. We'll miss you on our TVs, we'll miss your gorilla shirt and we'll miss Super Values. Wiscasset and Maine won't be the same without you.

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