The Maine DOT has plans to do something at an intersection in Sabattus to help reduce the high crash rate.

For years, the intersection of Route 9, Bowdoinham Road and Crowley Road in Sabattus has been a dangerous intersection.

According the Sun Journal, there have been 37 crashes over the past 10 years at the intersection and it keeps getting worse. 11 of those crashes happened in just the past 3 years. A yellow flashing light on Route 9 hasn't done anything to slow traffic down.

Right now, vehicles on Bowdoinham and Crowley Road have to stop before crossing or turning onto Route 1, but there's a plan by the Maine DOT to reconfigure the intersection in an effort to make it less dangerous for entering traffic.

The Sabattus Board of Selectmen approved a DOT plan to turn the intersection into a four-way stop. Traffic in all directions will see flashing stop signs on either side of the road as well as a flashing red light over the intersection.

That should definitely help the situation as long as people actually remember the rules for the right of way that they learned in driving school. Here's a refresher for you here.

It will be a while before the changes are made, but the Maine DOT is planning to have this done by 2022.

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