The Iconic Binga's Sign in Windham

Some businesses just "get it." And that's not to say every business should do it the same, because it depends on what you're in the business of.

If you're a bank, credit union, or funeral home -- you can't exactly bend outside the box and be creative with your business sign. Like, can you imagine a funeral home trying to be entertaining with a business sign that says something like "We're just DYING to honor your lost loved one."

Some businesses legit just don't have the ability to have fun with their signs. But a place that slings beers and some of the most delicious wings never mind just in Maine, but New England overall?

Absolutely. And that's Binga's. And Binga's "gets it."

Google Maps
Google Maps

Whether it's been congratulatory signs or just funny one-liner signs -- if it can fit on the Binga's sign, it's definitely been posted up there. Hell, over the weekend there was a prom-posal message posted up on their sign directed to one of their employees, Brooke!

But the sign that Binga's currently has up now attacks all of us because it's one of the truest statements ever. Because if you use the Maps feature on your phone, Google Maps, Waze -- any kind of GPS, then you totally identify with this.

Because seriously. Who doesn't hop in their car, set the GPS to their destination, see the estimated time of arrival, and immediately think to themselves,

Yeah. I'm gonna crush that.

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