If you get stressed out heading down to Boston to fly out, you might want to avoid for the next... decade.

Boston Logan is in end-stage talks for a pretty intense makeover, commencing soon and lasting for several years, totaling a bill into the multi-billions, according to the Boston Globe. 

The airport has been falling behind in being able to support the soaring number of air traffic it hosts for years, and this revamp will take advantage of the country's strong economy and relatively low interest rates to catch up and get ahead.

In just the last 5 years, the number of daily flights landing and taking off from Logan have increased a staggering 30%, with an additional 17% increase projected in the next five, the Globe reported.

The laundry list of improvements include extensive work to the terminals, road ramps leading to them, and connections between them, allowing Jetblue passengers (for which Boston is a hub) to go directly to their designated terminal without having to re-enter security, according to the article.

Boston's airport is one of the city's greatest assets, convincing giant companies to choose Boston as their home base; but with this construction, Logan faces a conundrum. In order to keep up with its own success, it has to throttle traffic for an immense construction project.

All we can do is be patient, hope for no big delays, and allow a fat lot of extra time (yes, even more than before) whenever we have to venture south to catch a flight.


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