Our beloved New England Patriots Dynasty is in shambles. 


Since the devastating loss of the Super Bowl, Pats players have been fleeing the team. It's a mass exodus and we are left scratching our heads about what is happening. Brady, Belchick and Kraft have been staying super quiet when all we need is some kind of reassurance that our team will survive this. Those that have left seem happy about it and will start earning the money they deserve to get. And, some seem happy just to be on a different team. Could there be drama behind the scenes? The rumors that Belchick doesn't like Brady's private coach anymore or the call to keep Butler benched during the Super Bowl; are these the problem?

We have been waiting on pens and needles for Gronk to make a dang decision. If he will stay or leave to be a Hollywood Action Star. Or, could it be he may be shopping around for his next team? Now a prominent Boston sports reporting has tweeted that the rumor is Gronk may be traded in 2 weeks! Eek!

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