After last night's 27-0 Patriots win over the Houston Texans Tom Brady once again took to Facebook to congratulate his team and have a little fun.

As you know Tom can't have any contact with players or coaches during his suspension but he knows how closely the NFL, fans, and players keep an eye on his Facebook page.

This is the third consecutive win for the New England Patriots and Brady has posted about all 3 wins in humorous fashion.

Last Sunday after the Pats beat the Dolphins Brady posted this one on his page:

Even back on week one as Tom Brady was watching the game from the comfort of his own home, feet probably propped up on the couch next to his supermodel wife, his team took down the Arizona Cardinals and Tommy posted this one:

So the Pats are now 3-0 without Brady, Gronk, and a handful of other players, yet they continue to find a way to win.

Thanks for the laughs Tom. Go Pats!!