As spring takes over and the snow slowly melts away, the Bridgton Twin Drive-In is getting ready to start its 65th season and has announced a general time frame of when they hopefully will open.

With the recent closing of Cinemagic theaters in Westbrook, South Portland and Saco, many movie goers will be turning to the Bridgton Twin Drive-In for a night out at the movies.

Each year, the Bridgton Drive-In shoots for an opening sometime in mid April, weather depending. In 2017 the planned opening on April 14th got delayed due to two feet of snow still on the ground and another storm on the way. If the weather continues in the pattern it has been in for the second half of March, that might not be an issue this year.

The big announcement went up on the Bridgton Drive-In's marquee on March 22.

So no solid date yet, but a mid-April opening doesn't seem out of the question.

Asked on Facebook what movies they will be showing, they responded that they didn't know yet and would see what's available when they get closer to opening. They were also asked if they would be doing single features like they did last year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the said they were unsure.

The Bridgton Drive-In has a history of showing classics from the 80s along with some new releases. With the movie industry turned on its head for the past year, it's tough to predict what will be made available to show.

Keep your eye on the marquee and on the Bridgton Twin Drive-In Facebook page for a firm opening date.


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