Want some good news? This is a story that is not about racism or coronavirus.


Outside of a patients window at Bridgton Hospital (part of Central Maine Medical Center) a fawn was born. Right in plain sight of some staying at the hospital.

Bridgton Hospital
Bridgton Hospital

The birthing experience is so awesome at Bridgton Hospital, that even Bambi wants in on it! This sweet little fawn was born just outside of the windows of patients at Bridgton Hospital.

What a sweet reminder that life can be soft, and beautiful, and vulnerable and loving. That life does go on, just outside of all the craziness of today. It's the little things that you see that can put a smile on your face.

And yes, even with a mask on we can tell if you are smiling. Your eyes will crinkle. Just for a few minutes, notice the sun shining and how pretty Maine is in late spring.

Here's to getting from here to there.



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