A widower is juggled through time as he attempts to travel back to the day of his wife's passing.
This is the Ludo’s concept EP of the same name combining theatrical dance with magical illusions. The best part is that it's a fundraiser for the St. Lawrence Arts. The money raised will go toward getting new countertops for the Box Office and Concession stands in the St. Lawrence Arts lobby, and new countertops for the Actor's Dressing Room area.
St. Lawrence Arts
St. Lawrence Arts
The best part about St. Lawrence Arts is that you can see shows that you wouldn't be able to otherwise. It's an amazing space brought back to life by people who love art...


The Broken Bride is playing August 23rd and August 25th. Get tickets early, as shows at this sweet little venue on Munjoy Hill tend to sell out early. Plus, they really could use new countertops.



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