Why did I get home late last night after working on the Class of 2020 Weekend to turn on the news and see a report from scientists that you are less likely than initially thought to catch COVID 19 from touching a surface? I woke up and looked up the info and found this article from VOX about this very subject.

"It's still possible that a person can catch it from touching a contaminated surface, but it's not thought to be the main way the virus spreads," says the CDC to VOX.com

Two young boys hoping to catch a fly ball at a Cincinnati Reds baseball game

Well, I guess I have been buying Clorox wipes for no reason at all then? I think the question now is, how are people spreading it? Apparently, from the droplets of others, that is what we are being told this week. Which is why the suggested six feet is outlined in most social distance regulation for the virus. Healthline.com says that in two major new york hospitals, the virus was found in the air, but that there is no evidence specifically that the virus is "airborne." This means that if the SeaDogs had a game tonight, the odds are slim that with proper social distancing, you will get

"The Rona."

What are your thoughts? Do you find this new information helpful or even more confusing? 

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