The hint is in his little groundhog hands!


So Tiffany Holt was at the Olive Garden in South Portland munching on a bread stick (they're unlimited as you know). She looked outside the window, and there was her dinner date.

Tiffany Holt
Tiffany Holt

That is a groundhog enjoying a bread stick himself (they're unlimited ya know).

She thought that was super funny - and she's right. However, her date bailed on her after he finished his bread stick and stuck her with the bill. Although she thought he was cute, she would not recommend on Tinder.

Here's the challenge? Any chance there's a picture of a squirrel with a taco outside Taco Bell?

Perhaps a possum with a chicken leg at a KFC?

People, this could be the new coffee table book that would be a number one best seller - and just in time for the holidays. Okay, that might be pushing it...



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